Meet the Trainer

Samantha always grew up with animals and loved dogs. 

Samantha got her own dog at nineteen years old and was pre-med in college.  In pursuit of medical school Samantha moved to the Bay Area to get her Masters in Public Health.  During this time Lily, Samantha’s pit bull came into her life.  Lily was found after being abused and left tied to a pole.  Samantha felt an instant attraction and agreed to foster her.  Lily was so under socialized; she had both dog and human reactivity and would attack her own reflection. 

Samantha began learning everything she could about dog psychology and rehabilitating dogs.  It was with the help of her dog Baloo she fell in love with the process of rehabilitating and socializing Lily and wanted to help more dogs, families, and rescues. Samantha realized that pack walks were the best way to get Lily to get more comfortable around other dogs and from this Pack Life LA was born.  Since then Samantha has worked with countless rescues to help dogs find their forever homes including Chewslife Dog Rescue and Marley’s Mutts.


Samantha is a lead trainer for Cesar Milan’s courses at the Dog Psychology Center in Santa Clarita, California. Samantha teaches Socialization and Mastering the Walk. To learn more about courses or to sign up for courses with Samantha please visit: 

Samantha is head trainer for Marley’s Mutts Pawsitive Change prison program.  To learn more about this program please visit: 


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